Campus and Housing

The University of Klagenfurt is embedded within an idyllic landscape on the shores of Lake Wörthersee. The campus scores with its structure, manageability, and short distances.

Lakeside district Klagenfurt: Lakeside Park (left), University of Klagenfurt (right), Lake Wörthersee (background)

Lakeside district Klagenfurt: Lakeside Park (left), University of Klagenfurt (right), Lake Wörthersee (background)

The ICE institutes of the university are located in the Lakeside Science & Technology Park adjacent to the university's main buildings. Many of the ICE courses are also held in this park. Occupying an area of 300,000 m², the Lakeside Park hosts companies, university institutes, and public research institutes, to combine their know-how in the field of modern information and communication technologies. It is one of the largest and most advanced technology-business locations in Austria. Research and teaching, training and practical activity network with each other. The result is an ideal interface between the university and industry, theory and practice, business and society. The opportunities for student projects, work experience, and dissertations in the enterprises of the Lakeside Park mean a smooth switch to professional life for many students.

Studying ICT in Klagenfurt can warmly be recommended to anybody interested in engineering. I enjoy the professional yet personal atmosphere among teaching staff and students.
— Jennifer Simonjan, Student

The Lakeside Park is also home of the business founder center build!, which supports students and graduates with innovatory business ideas. Two public-funded research organizations, Lakeside Labs and Joanneum Research Robotics, perform applied and industry-relevant projects in self-organizing networked ICT systems and robotics, respectively. Other companies in the Lakeside Park range from big players like Infineon Technologies over mid-size leaders like SKIDATA and Kapsch TrafficCom to small startups, such as the successful university spinoff bitmovin. Both research organizations and almost all companies offer opportunities for student jobs and master theses. 

The University Sports Institute (USI) located directly on campus offers more than thousand square meters for sports and active leisure. It boasts an exercise room, gymnasium, a modern workout room, an outdoor sports ground, and a climbing wall. Both well-known and unusual types of sport are offered in 150 different courses each semester. The program is rounded off with camps, excursions, and seminars. The proximity to lake Wörthersee enables students to obtain a sailing permit, pursue rowing courses, and acquire a boating license. In addition, there are excellent training conditions for triathletes.

The university offers a broad range of language courses on different levels at reasonable prices. In particular, the language center German in Austria offers well-established intensive courses, semester courses, individual courses, and business courses for German for international students and employees. Besides this, language courses for English, Italian, Spanish, and Slovenian are offered.

The restaurants in and around the campus have something for every taste, from Chinese to local traditional and Italian cuisine. There are also a number of cafes, bistros, and bakeries with fresh products for a snack and a refreshing break from work. A pharmacy, bookstore, bank, drugstore, hairdresser’s salon, post office, copy shop, cinema, and food stores are but a short walk away. Parking spaces and public transport (bus, rail, motorway) provide connections to the city center.

Student housing close to the campus is offered by the OeAD housing office for reasonable prices. Potential students should contact the housing office as early as possible to apply for an apartment. There are also many private apartments for rent and sale, ranging from basic rooms to luxury apartments. The online platform Willhaben provides you with information and photos. 

There are several childcare facilities on campus. The university's kids group is for kids from 1 to 3 years. Kindergardens for kids from 3 to 7 years are the English-spoken private kindergarden Sunrise and the public Bunte Knöpfe. Students can also use the flexible childcare office.