The tuition is waived for citizens of the European Union as long as they study within the regular duration of their degree program, which is four semesters for the ICE master and six semesters for the doctoral program, plus a extension of two semesters. After this period, the tuition is € 363.36 per semester as of 2015. The same holds for students with a residence permit that states “long-term resident of the European Community,” students subject to an international agreement (e.g., Switzerland, Convention refugees), and students from the least developed countries.

Students from other coun­tries possessing a residence permit for students pay € 726,72 tuition per semester from the beginning of their program. However, the University of Klagenfurt supports international students who fulfill their study goals with a full or partial reimbursement of their tuition based on certain performance rules. These rules take into account the number of obtained credits,  grades, and the study period of a student. 

All students also have to pay the student union fee and insurance.